Baby's first birthday

My baby, Evie Isabel, turned one last week and what a day it was! A milestone for mummy and daddy as well as baby with our thoughts rolling back to this time last year when she had just emerged into the world as a pink, wrinkled 7lb2oz ball of flesh. I had Evie at 1.36pm on 18th May 2009 via elective C-Section at UCLH and she arrived eyes wide open, looking directly at me - it was love at first sight.

The day before Evie's birthday I felt quietly emotional, pondering how our lives had changed in such a monumental way over the past year. Sure, I have a few more wrinkles, I get a lot less sleep and I have much less cash in the bank (alright if I'm honest, it's partly to do with my passion for baby fashion!) but I wouldn't change a thing.

Handily, my love of shopping has been gloriously transferred to my daughter and I thought it was about time I shared my finds. Evie's first birthday, celebrated with family and friends and babies galore, seems a poignant time to launch my much anticipated baby blog. Incidentally, those cute pink shades pictured are by Monsoon baby.

You won't find boring debates about nappies or cracked nipples here (there are plenty of websites doing that very well) but what you will find is a frank, fun-filled account of first time motherhood, packed with fashion ideas with details of interesting finds from hard-to-get labels for your little ones, to the coolest accessories and websites as well as chic tips for busy mummies (hey, and daddies too). Please do feel free to suggest topics and email me ideas - I'd love to hear from you.


Maggie and Evie xx

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