Charming children's illustration

I found myself in Jaeger HQ, Soho yesterday previewing the brand's beautiful new 'Boutique' collection (available from Aug 5). As I waited in reception I pored over Jaeger archive images (the brand was established in 1884) and was thrilled to find illustrations by Mabel Lucie Attwell. Attwell, born in Mile End, London in 1879 was probably the most prolific children's illustrator of the past century, adored for her pictures of whimsical cherubic babies. Jaeger commissioned her to design adverts for their children's collection in the 1920s and 1930s and the Jaeger Twins (above) were born. Her images looked familiar and I realised a much cherished copy of the Water Babies which my mother gave me as a child also features her adorable sketches (left). Attwell also illustrated Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland as well as designing a range of figurines for Shelley pottery. No wonder she remains highly collectible to this day. Ooh, and could Jaeger bring back a baby range please.


  1. What a lovely post.
    I have a cherished copy of The Waterbabies too! The illustrations are beautiful. Sometimes I see children who could easily have been the perfect subjects for the illustrations so you can see exactly how she translated real life into art.

  2. I bought Mabel's illustrated copy of The Water Babies with a book token I won in a drawing competition when I was really little. It is the first book I remember choosing for myself x

  3. Oh isn't Mabel's work just so lovely.
    That first one with the wings is new to me and really cute!
    I love the vintage innocence of her work. Something Mandy revokes through Belle & boo for us, kat x