First steps

Evie started walking last month. She'd been gaining confidence holding granny Lyn's hand on holiday in the Cotswold. On our return we spent a sunny afternoon in Highbury Fields (the 'back garden') when she spotted a huge beach ball about 20 feet away, stood up and walked in a straight line until she reached it. Mummy and daddy's starred on in quiet disbelief: our little baby was officially a toddler. 

One of the big pluses is the fact that Evie now needs shoes. Oh the joy! She has been wearing a sensible pair of pale pink Start-Rite pre-walkers for the past few weeks but she is almost fitting the delightful pair of Elephantino shoes (above) I bought for her at Vincent in Westfield way back last year when she was just a few months old. The future is full of beautiful Mary Janes (and NOT kiddie Crocs!)...


  1. Congratulations on becoming a toddler little Evie! Lovely photos too.

  2. me too I love buying shoes for my daughter!
    just got 4 pairs (!!!) during our holidays in France...:)

  3. what a darling little one you have! We love elephantito shoes too. My 4 year old has some sandals and they've been great all summer!