If the cat fits...sit on it

It won't win any design awards soon but Evie adores this wooden cat chair that I picked up in John Lewis earlier this week. We just spent a few days in the Oxfordshire countyside looking at houses (will fill you in on that front later) and Evie stayed with her with her wonderful grand parents in Old Amersham. She had a whale of a time exploring and playing with her older cousins. She is always happy to get home to see the cats, Stu and Doris but this time as soon as we got back to our London pad, she ran up to her new chair shrieking 'caaaaaaaaat!" and clabbered onto it joyously. No need to for mummy to fork out for a mini Eames then. Phew.


  1. How sweet! I really love when I get the perfect item for my kids. So satisfying!

    Oxfordshire?! Are you thinking of leaving London... ?

  2. We are only thinking about it...we still LOVE London too much to leave yet x x