Best snow boots for kids

Snow booties, $46.95 CAD, Stonzwear

Mini Eskimo boot, £100, Mou
So, what to put the little ones in if it snows? Regular wellies just won't do - not warm enough. CLB has  trawled all sources and found it remarkably hard to find a big selection of stylish snow boots. They need to be warm with good grips. But here's the pick of the crop. I found the above Canadian brand, Stonz, which specialises in snow boots for babies and children with detachable sheepskin linings. Love the designs, shame they are only currently available in US and some countries in Europe (not UK). Still, there's the online shop. CLB also particularly likes to DM-esque purple stomping boots from Custard Online and those bright red fleece lined wellies from Toughees. The last two sheepskin booties aren't for treading in the snow, but a good option for smaller babies. Do let us know if you find anymore.

Lace-up boots, £96, Custard-Online

Sheepskin boots, £55, The Celtic Sheepskin Company

Toughees fleece-lined wellies, £16,

Quilted snow boot, £55, Ralph Lauren

Lamb skin slippers, £20,

Sheepskin booties, £20, Just Sheepskin


  1. the first two look like serious snow business :)

    Happy week end!

  2. OMG I love love Love shoes.......especially the purple ones...