Christmas gifts for girls and boys: part one

Folk face cushion, £89,

Elephant cushion, 30Euros,

sheepskin hat, £10.50,

Owl bag, £19.99,

Glodos bike, £84.99,

Rocking sheep, £230,

Star sweater, £41,

Brio Giraffe pull-along toy, £16.50,

lambskin mittens, £18,

Recycled tyre rocker, £80,

Merino coat, £55,

Hair bow, £3.50,

Felt houses, £34 each,

Stegasaurus soft toy, £41.99,

Toy car, £9.95,


  1. Hope you find this useful. Part two later in the week- let me know if there's anything in particular you ate looking for? CLB will endevor to find it!

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