Cool Advent Calenders

A wooden tree-shaped advent calender with box compartments, £40,

Just two more days to get your advent calender. And yes, we mean the non-chocolate variety (too sickly). The CLB household has opted for the gigantic, old-fashioned German one (pictured below) with a Victorian carousel scene which we found at traditional children's toy shop After Noah in Islington. Evie already loves looking at the festive scene, meanwhile her mummy has reverted to school girl excitement about opening the little doors each day. What will be behind door number 1? We'll let you know in two days time...

Traditional German advent calender, £11.99, After Noah

A traditional advent calender, £7.50,

A classic card advent calender comes with a hook, £4.95,

A cloth advent calender by Maileg, £39.95,

Old-fashioned advent calender, £4,


  1. Only 2 days left and the first doors will be open...
    Have a good week dear!

  2. Love the maileg! So perfect. a friend just handmade me a gorgeous advent calendar and gifted it to me on sunday. i was speechless!