Stella McCartney Kids launches THIS WEEK!

Ash jumpsuit

Just two days until Stella McCartney unveils her first own-line kids collection. Chic Little Baby was honoured to have a sneak preview of the look book and is happy to report it more than lives up to expectations: cool, cute with a dash of Stella street edge. Key pieces include pale grey skinny jeans, knitted baby grows and cosy hoodies which could fit into any littl'uns wardrobe. We were heartened by the fact Ms McCartney has made a conscious effort to make the price point affordable. OK, so it's not exactly Gap prices but from £15 for a T-shirt, you can't grumble too much. CLB is itching to shop the collection. Role on Wednesday and don't miss my post about the launch...

Let me know what you think of what you see so far.

Available from Nov 3 at Stella McCartney stores worldwide and

Andrea pjs

Freddie tee, Stephane pj trousers

Laura tee, Nina skinny jeans

Lydia blouse, Sadia trousers

Lee jacket, Cosmo hoodie, Pedro trousers

Chuck cardigan, Theo jeans

Alexa jacket, nina skinny jeans


  1. I will definately have a look on Wednesday...
    the jackets look great (i liked the ones she did for gap a lot as well) and the lydia blouse might be shipping to Amsterdam soon as well...

  2. Looks nice! Like especially the Ash jumpsuit. Have to have a look on Weds...

  3. I loved the sneak peek of the look book too. and the fact that it's affordable!

    Don't think I'll be there Wednesday, but if anything changes I'll let you know! Would be fab to meet!!

  4. What beautiful clothes. I especially love the Lydia blouse, the Laura tee and the Alexa Jacket.