Chic baby snow suits

Clouds snowsuit, £24, John Lewis
CLB is loving the snow in London town - how pretty and romantic it is looking out there (OK, so turn a blind eye to the sludge).  We thought we better show you a few smart and stylish snowsuit options, got to keep those little babes nice and snug after all. Bring on the snowball fights and sledging this weekend!
Petit Bateau, £67, Selfridges
Baby Dior, £216, Childrens Salon

Canada snowsuit, £135, Tartine et Chocolat
Alex jumpsuit, £76, Smallable


  1. These are so adorable! I would so have my little one in the Canada snowsuit. What a shame we're in the wrong hemisphere for it :(

  2. I know! That's a good point. I woke up this morning thinking but what aboout my readers in Sydney, Singapore, Dubai would like...hopefully the recent Xmas gift guides will offer some non-cold weather specific inspiration.