Olli Ella's new Go-Go chair!

The new Go-Go glider

Chic Little Baby swung by the Olli Ella party in Islington last night to launch the Bubble London kids trade show - and what a gorgeous soiree it was. Founders, twentysomething sisters Chloe and Olivia Brookman, indulged guests (including the lovely Lindsey from Urban Mums blog, Courtney from Babyccinno Kids) in champagne cocktails and Primrose Bakery cupcakes (yummy!) and showcased their fabulous new Go-Go glider. Joining the already super-successful Mo-Ma and Da-Da gliders, the Go-Go is offered in five colour options and has a shorter production time and is more compact - so perfect for the smaller nursery.We just know it's going to be their next big hit!

The Go-Go with matching Ottoman

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