Beautiful books: save our libraries

The Magic Donkey Ride (Orchard) Giles Andrea and Vanessa Cabban

Today is Save Our Libraries day - authors and celebrities across the country are hosting reading sessions at libraries (check the Guardian website for a map of activities). Evie has adored books since she was about three months old. This morning we have already read four books, all of which we picked up at Islington's wonderful Central Library off the Holloway Road yesterday. CLB has never spent so much time in libraries and the thought that 450 libraries and mobile library services are under threat makes us weep. On our library visits we always meet interesting people and get to see a whole lot of books we'd never come across on Amazon (you can learn so much from the librarians). Plus, many libraries now do loads of children's activities such as baby bounce and there's currently a reward scheme where you get a free book after several borrows. Here are Evie's current top five books (naturally, this changes frequently!). The best way people can show support for their local libraries is by visiting them and get borrwing. I have given up Amazon in favor of the library, save a fortune and never read so many interesting books. Find your local library here

Mr Pusskins Best In Show (Orchard) Sam Lloyd

Stickman (Alison Green Books) Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffler

We're Going on a Bear Hunt (Walker Books Ltd) Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury

Lulu's Clothes (Bloomsbury Publishing PLC) Camilla Reid and Allie Bushby

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