Daddy and daughter bonding

We have just found out we are expecting another little girl, due at the end of July. Naturally we are all thrilled, including Evie of course. But it got me thinking: will daddy CLB feel a bit left out with all the talk of Mary Janes and butterflies, and in years to come the mood swings, chocolate binges and shopping sprees (OK, so enough with the cliches but you catch my drift)? Then again, while I am busy performing tasks as a one-woman dairy, daddy CLB can spend precious time bonding with our first born. He is already a wonderful teacher: her has taught Evie to count to ten when walking her up the stairs, to open and close boxes of raisins with some dexterity and to sift for shells on the beach (pictured doing so here at the weekend at Barton-on-Sea, Hampshire). Often, I am too busy being mum for such detail. I guess it is also time for him to get in touch with his feminine side: no bad thing for any man. Somehow, I don't think this will mean waving goodbye to Call of Duty any time soon but a mummy can dream...

If you have any tips for being a mummy and daddy to two girls I'd love to hear them here...


  1. Congratulations! What lovely news :)
    I can't offer any advice as I have a baby boy, I'm sure you'll have your hands full though!

    Kerry x

  2. Congratulations Maggie! How exciting. I love having two girls especially as I have a sister who is my rock so now I hope my girls will have the same bond.

    My husband's advice to your husband is to get a shed to escape to!


  3. Karin, that is SO funny - my husband was just talking about how he wanted a shed to escape to! Sounds like a good plan to me :-)

  4. Great news, how lovely. And who knows, perhaps you'll have a football loving, mountain climbing, car racing secondborn? Not that those enthusiasms will be much use if your OH hates them all, but guess you never know what you're going to get. Not that I'm suggesting any daughter of yours won't like fashion, of course!