CLB ♥ Waddler

Every now again a label comes along that breaks the boundaries of babywear. When CLB spotted Waddler when it launch at the end of last year, we knew we had set eyes on something truly special. The story began when Philip Thompson, his wife Marina and their one year old son, Finn, moved to South America in 2008. 'After Finn was born we felt the time was ripe for adventure and spent almost three years living between Argentina, Peru and Bolivia,' explains Thompson. Much of their time was spent in the beautiful Andean region. 'We loved the slow pace of life there, the incredible light and the rolling high altitude plateaus. And we quickly discovered that the best way to keep Finn warm in the chilly winter was by wrapping him up in the locally produced Alpaca.' With the help of some local artisans, Marina turned her designs into beautifully knitted alpaca jumpers and trousers and thus Waddler was born. All the clothes are made by women in La Paz Bolivia (in fair trade conditions) using baby Alpaca wool which adapts to all temperatures so perfect for British climes. We were delighted to hear they'll be available from Sistersguild come September but in the meantime you can buy the designs for the wonderful Waddler website. From £20 for knitted booties.

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