Perfect presents for two year olds

Vilac wooden piano, £49, The Conran Shop

With Evie and a cluster of her little friend's turning two, I have been asked numerous times for gift ideas for two year olds. Trickier than it sounds. At this age, learning is accelerating fast and suddenly all those baby toys look very babyish indeed. Evie has suddenly developed a passion for role play and as a result adores the baby doll and buggy her Granny bought her - I am hoping this is good prep for when her little sis arrives in less than two months time. But she also loves tinkering on the little wooden piano her Grandpa bought her, pretending to make food (hello play stove) and the Win Green cloth playhouse from mummy and daddy. I have a few ideas below for boys but would welcome more suggestions. I have found that for safety reasons most manufacturers will print '3 years and above' on toys that may well be perfectly suitable for 2 year olds - just use your discretion.

Automoblox car S9R sports, £24, Funkymoose QUOTE: CLB at checkout for 10% off

Making stuff for Kids, £16.99, V&A Museum of Childhood shop

Brio stove, £39.99, Just Gorgeous

Gypsy caravan basket by Rice, £34.80, Sisters Guild

Mini Mello stool, £46.90.

Mandrill sweater by Mini Rodini, €41,

Wooden magnetic numbers, £15.98,

Slippers for papa and son, from €22, Collegien

Crazy animal magnets, £13.99, Olive Loves Alfie

Win Green Toy shop play house, from £160, at Cotton George


  1. how about the lovely cowboy PJs I made Lucas for his birthday?

  2. cute picks! I think animags are a great gift, plan car toys garage (son is getting for his 3rd bday actually!), any kid-o puzzles too!