CLB ♥ Ladybird Classic Me Book apps

Chicken Licken, Billy Goat's Gruff, The Three Little Pigs...remember those brilliant Ladybird classics? Now you can get them in app form (for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) thanks to the creators of the ingenious interactive digital The Land of Me stories. Ladybird Classic Me Books bring the quirky stories alive in a vivid, interactive way - you simply touch the text for words and the pictures for sound effects (you can also record your own). Comedian Adam Buxton (of Adam and Joe fame) provides the hilarious narration so parents can have a good giggle too. Having now downloaded almost the entire collection, CLB can confirm they are fun, easy-to-use and as engaging for littl'uns as they are for nostalgic mums and dads. 

Download from 69p to £1.99 each at iTunes


    1. Chicken Lichen - I used to love that Ladybird Book!

    2. Yeas, Chicken Licken was my favourite too! A real nostalgia trip :-)

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