SIGG - the coolest water bottles in town

Without doubt our most useful accessory of the summer was Evie's beloved SIGG water bottle. Made from light-weight aluminum, each one has a unique BPA and phthalate free EcoCare liner so as well as keeping the drink super-fresh, it won't taint the flavour. It has a brilliantly designed nozzle which means it locks tight when you close the cap, so no pesky spillages (in fact it is guaranteed against them). They are so simple, slick and lovely to use (well, they are Swiss made by a company established in 1908) that there's something ultra-desirable about them. With over dozens of designs to choose from they are rather collectible too. We love.

£14 at SIGG


    1. These water containers look very cute and great for kids. Water as we all know is very much important, we can't live without it. We must always make sure that the water we drink is safe and clean. Containers where we place our water must also be as clean as it.
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    2. These little bottles are well worth the investment.
      They're easily cleanable,durable,and there's no nasty plastic odour when you use them .My daughter has used the same one for almost 3 years now,and there's no stopping it!
      They last where others need to be replaced every couple of months. The non character branded designs are great too.