Happy New Year!

Evie's new room. Wallpaper by Harlequin, chest of drawers by IKEA
Well hello again. It's been a while. I'm sorry, I have missed you all terribly too. We finally moved into our new house after three months of renovations (thank you to Ed, our brilliant builder, here is his website). Moving in, unpacking and settling the girls along with the husband and cats was a bigger job than I ever imagined. But now it's done. PHEEEEEEEEEEW! The house is looking great and we are finally really enjoying the space and fact that everything pretty much is as we want it. On the downside our pockets are painfully empty and we have both aged ludicrously (I swear I have about five new wrinkles) but all in all it has been worth every second. I will be posting before and afters of the new house, with particular emphasis on the children's rooms (sneak peek of Evie's room below) over the forthcoming weeks. I have lots of great content coming up: incredible new products, inspiring websites and cool apps. A big thanks to all those who have been keeping me updated. As for the little ones, fun-loving Evie is enjoying running around her new house and darling little Lola, now approaching six months, has been taking her first tentative mouthfuls of food. Nothing cuter than those first facial expressions when they first taste a new flavour. Me? Officially exhausted but relieved we are now ensconced in the new place and very happy to be back in blogland. Thank you for reading. Here's to a happy, healthy and stress-free 2012. Love CLB xxx

Evie wearing a new hat for breakfast

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