CLB ♥ Tootsa MacGinty unisex kidswear

Why is it so many fashion brands still adhere to the khaki is for boys, pink is for girls rule? Tootsa MacGinty is a bold and bright unisex label for kids with a new non-gender specific approach. Recently launched by ex-Tommy Hilfiger designer, Kate Pietrasik, the range includes cool animal motif sweaters, rainbow stripey tops and dungarees (OK, there are just a few frocks for the girls but they are NOT pink or frilly). The colour palette of grass green, tomato red and indigo with the odd splash of lemon yellow should genuinely appeal to both sexes. Excellent news for parents to boys and girls then. And truly not a hint of pastel pink princess in sight, we promise. Prices range from £21 for sweat pants at Tootsa MacGinty

Indigo sweat pants, £21

froggy sweater, £27
Peace sweat shirt, £25


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  2. Gosh- what a great wee shop. Thanks for the link!
    I love your blog, I have bookmarked you and will be back.
    Come visit me and Jack sometime if you get a chance.