CLB ♥ Stella McCartney's 'Little Miss Stella' kids collection

Stella McCartney hooks up with Roger Hargreaves to create 'Little Miss Stella'

Oh, look! One of our favourite children's authors, Roger Hargreaves, creator of the timeless Mr Men and Little Miss series, has joined forces with the fashion force that is Stella McCartney. There's a super-cute range of T-shirts, sleep suits and sweaters with 'Little Miss Stella' scribbed on available in baby and girl sizes. We are hankering after the sunbeam sweatshirt (from £40 for babies). The limited edition 'Little Miss Stella' book, all about the endevours of a cartoon version of the designer, is free with purchases of over £150.

The range is available online at

Pjs, £60

Sleep suit, £50

T-shirt, £30

Draw-it-yourself kit


  1. I love the umbrella from Stella's new collection unfortunately is out of stock :(.

  2. Absolutely love the t-shirts! Popular children literacy combined with great british fashion, such good inspirations for little girls