Chic Mum: Holly von Bock

Holly von Bock does festival style at Feastival with Aurora and Oscar in tow
The 29 year old fashion blogger lives in the Cotswolds with her husband and two children Oscar, 5, and Aurora, 2.

Greatest style challenge since having kids?
After having your first child your frame of mind, sense of style and image gets really muddled. You've gone from being your 'normal' size to huge to back to kind-of-normal in the space of just over a year. Then of course you are sleep deprived and coming to terms with your new role in life – being a mum. All of those thoughts ran through my head after having Oscar. I wanted to dress 'appropriately' as his mummy but didn't want to lose a sense of my identity. I think over this year I really have just settled into a happy, relaxed sense of style.

How long do you allow yourself to get ready?
I've become a pro at getting ready quickly. I find that if I am given the gift of having 'time' it confuses me as it allows me to spend time second guessing my choices. But if I know I have just 10 minutes, I go with my gut instinct and that is that!

Quick beauty tips and tricks?
I swear by Elizabeth Arden's 'Eight Hour Cream' which I use twice a week overnight as a 'mask'. I also use the perfect shade of NARS Lip Pencil (the fat ones which you use as a lipstick) for the school run – it's adds a bit of warmth, stays on and usually brightens my face up, most of the time anyway!

You off-duty outfit for when it's just you and the kids?
Always skinny jeans, trainers (in the summer I was loving the Birkenstock craze as they're so comfy & I feel relatively cool) and a blazer of some sort. And I always have a crossbody bag - so if I ever spot a nice quality crossbody bag I know its worth investing in as its the easiest handbag to use with little children & not worry about leaving it anywhere.

Beauty product you could not live without?
My Kerastase Elixlir oil. I have really thick hair & it has changed my life!

Who is your hairdresser?
Dean Brindley at Cream in Cheltenham. I've been going to him for about two years now and I can hands down say he is the best hairdresser I've ever had. I always send friends to him – he is really creative, enthusiastic and just lovely to sit and chat too (which I all I want when I go to get my hair done!)

Favourite designers?
COS & my new favourite Cheap Monday for high street, COS for basics and clean tailoring and Cheap Monday for jeans. Designer, hmmm that's hard as it changes regularly, at the moment I'd say Celine.

Favourite kids' labels?
I love No Added Sugar for Aurora, and for Oscar I love the kids collection in COS.

Where do you hunt for fashion bargains?
There's an amazing antique market in my town on a Friday which is where I hunt for vintage hats, gloves, bags & jewellery. If I've been inspired by an era (I'm still on the 1920s after watching The Great Gatsby) it's perfect for finding accessories.

Favourite secret shop/website?
Vestiaire Collective. I look on their site at least two or three times a day, I'm addicted. It's such a clever idea. It's French so the bulk of their stuff comes from Paris so you constantly get vintage Chanel, Celine, Isabel Marant, you name it. And it's better then eBay as it gets checked once you have bought it (so you know you are not buying a fake) and then it gets sent to you. I bought a leather vintage YSL bag the other day for £35.

Desert island fashion item?
My red Illesteva glasses.

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