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Talking of names, I bought this charming little yellow book from the V&A shop when I was eight months pregnant. Presenting a list of original and old-fashion names for girls and boys, the American author offers humorous personalised fortunes for each name. Evelyn (Evie's full name) reads 'A new love interest will soon move to town'; Isaac 'You will enjoy the company of your friends and will laugh often' and Savannah 'you will have tremendous career fulfilment.' Rivetingly, at the back it lists the ten most popular names for boys and girls over the last century. Did you know in the US, John and Mary reigned as number one names from 1900 to the 1930s? That decade Robert overtook John but it wasn't until the 1960s that Mary was usurped by Lisa. Emily and Jacob were the number one US names for the 2000s. Jack and Olivia currently reign in the UK.
Fortune-Telling Book of Names (A.M.McCloud, published by Chronicle Books, San Francisco) £7.99 at Amazon

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  1. What a fabulous book! Love stuff like this. I think Evie/Evelyn is a gorgeous name, by the way.

    I also LOVE the v&a shop. Coolest stuff.