RIP Corinne Day

I was sad to hear of the death of fashion photographer Corinne Day. She died last Friday after a long battle with cancer. It was 1990 when she photographed a teenage Kate Moss for The Face, and propelled them both into fashion super-stardom. Day went on to define the hard-edged, down-beat aesthetic of the 1990s with her gritty yet intimate fashion images and Moss became the most famous British model in history. As a fashion student in the 1990s, Day was a huge influence and helped make high fashion more obtainable and understandable. I was lucky enough to interview her around the time of her memorable Diary exhibition and book in 2000 and found her to be deep and profound - she saw past the glamour of fashion but was able depict it in the most intriguing way. Flicking through my old copy of Diary (Kruse Verlag, 2000) I found this stark and beautiful image of a pregnant woman and felt it should be celebrated on my blog. RIP Corinne Day.


    1. Hi Maggie,

      I was really glad to see you honoured Corinne. She and her husband Mark are dear friends of ours and through this terrible time of great sadness, her talent should always be remembered for the groundbreaking photography it was.

      Much love, Amanda, Tim & Beau x

      (The pregnant girl is Tara).

    2. Hi Amanda,

      Yes, Corinne was a genuine talent.

      Her images of Tara in Diary are thoroughly arresting. Beautiful, fragile and at times highly shocking. It's one of those books I look
      at from time to time and always feel moved.