Isabella Blow as a child

Isabella Blow, the wonderfully eccentric hat wearing fashion editor who tragically took her life by drinking weed killer in 2007, is the subject of two books out this month: Blow by Blow by her widower, Detmar Blow, and writer Tom Sykes (£20, Harper Collins) and Isabella Blow (£29.95, Thames & Hudson) edited by her ex-assistant Martina Rink. I met and interviewed Issy various times since beginning my career in fashion, spending a week with her on a press trip to Brazil in 1999. I found her to be kind, intelligent and extremely funny (see article and tribute). But I wanted to find out more about her past. How did she evolve to become such a flamboyant, influential yet ultimately tragic character? I was lucky enough to recently get an interview with Issy's younger sister, Julia Delves Broughton, whom she is photographed with here (Issy is on the left and younger sis Julia is on the right). I find the image above compelling because it is so traditional and yet Issy grew up to be so radical. Julia revealed what the real Issy was like as a child 'She always loved people and she always loved beautiful things and otherwise she was quite normal....She was very down to earth.' The full article, featured in Time Out is posted below. In the meantime, check out Detmar's video clip for a short insight to her life. Oh how you continue to fascinate us, Issy.

Blow by Blow by Detmar Blow and Tom Sykes (£20, Harper Collins) Buy it here
Isabella Blow by Martina Rink (£29.95, Thames & Hudson). Buy it here
The picture above features in  Rink's book for Thames & Hudson.

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