Best British websites for Xmas shopping

Olive & Moss Lion, £12,

One of CLB's Sydney-based readers, Rachael Spencer-Smith, recently asked for a list of a few of our 'favourite UK online retailers who stock a variety of boutique and popular brands.' Having previously lived in London for seven years, Rachael misses being able to buy a diverse mix of clothes, accessories and toys. It got me thinking. Since starting this blog six months ago, I have come across some fantastic range of UK shops and e-tailers, run by talented individuals with an eye for the unusual and the original. Britain is know for producing innovative designers and this trickles down to our e-shops for kids. It's impossible to list every one of them (really sorry if I've missed you out - feel free to suggest more below) but here are my top twenty (with a style bias of course) in alphabetical order. I hope you find it helpful!

Baby and child

Plunk ugly toy, £8.95,

Up up and away print, £55,

Rabbit in a hat, £39,

No Added Sugar Baby grow, £28,

Bee bag, £19.99,


  1. Great list, Maggie. Will definitely be coming back for this reference!

  2. Thank you so much, CLB, this is a great reference. I had already discovered Sisters Guild through CLB and now I have many more! I can't thank you enough!

  3. Hey Rachael, no problem! I'm here to help with such matters. Glad you can use this as a reference too Lindsey! Thanks for reading...X