Papermash: a charming new online stationer

Children's personalised book stapm, £13.50

CLB is a sucker for cute stationery, favouring anything a little quirky or slightly home-madey. How thrilled we were to see the launch of a new e-shop, Papermash, pedaling a range of unusual bit and pieces sourced from little labels around the globe. Emphasis is on the traditional. There's a sweet section for children including the tooth fairy kit, book stamp and party inivitations. Founded by Lynne Robsinson, who has a hugely successful design blog Tea For Joy, this is one website we will be stocking up with before the festive season. Top of the list? The Japanese masking tape.

Party invitation, £14.50 for box of ten

Tooth fairy kit, £13.50

Folk cards, £12.95

Recipe cards, £8.95

Santa tape, £14.95

Snokeflake card, £5

Japanese tape, £16.95


  1. Papermash is great. I'm a fan too. Such lovely items!

  2. Yes, it's cute isn't it? I also love Papergrain ( another of my fave online stationers which is a good place to stock up pre-Xmas...

  3. I love papergrain too! I've actually written about both boutiques. great minds think alike! :)

  4. I know, like me you obviously have a fondness for gorgeous stationery!

  5. I adore the book plates. My grandparents use to always stamp my books for me so great to see them back !