Little Duckling = delightful boys wear

Tank top, £35.50
Brown cord dungarees, £35.50
OK, it's true: CLB is guilty of covering mainly girls wear. So, an apology to those stylish mummies with boys. But - and it's a big but - in our defense there is not such a huge amount of fabulous clothing for little boys. The colour palette rarely veers much from grey, black or navy and the patterns are generally limited to stripes, lions and, oh, dinosaurs. So, when we spot the sweet and charming Little Duckling label on Sisters Guild, CLB's hearts a-fluttered. Quirky, individual with a cool 1970s geography teacher vibe, these clothes have heaps of personality. The little tank top with mis-matching pockets, the brown cords and checked shirts are just adorable (and in case you we wondering, they have equally lovely girls clothing). More brands should take their cue from Little Duckling and get more daring boys clothing. Mums and dads everywhere will surely approve... 
Knitted baby booties, £20.50
Animal print body, £19.95
Checked shirt, £29.75
Field print T-shirt, £19.95

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