Liberty fashion fabrics: child inspired

Jane Ray visualisation

We can't quite express how much we adore these new Liberty art fabrics, inspired by famous children's illustration. The Liberty Art Fabric Design Studio has developed 50 new designs in conjunction with a host of well-known children's illustrators including Lauren Child, of Charlie & Lola fame, Quentin Blake and Sally Haysom. We love to see how their vision (shown here in their 'visualisations') has been translated into beautiful spring Liberty fabrics good enough for grown-ups too (see below). Simply charming.

Fabrics from £19.95 per metre at

Lauren Child visualisation

'Tuesday Child' by Lauren Child, £19.95 per metre
Quentin Blake visualistation

Kara's Trees fabric, £19.95 per metre, Quentin Blake
Sally Haysom visualisation 

Princess Emerald by Sally Haysom, £19.95 per metre


    1. We love these fabrics too and are using some of the designs for our Liberty collection of Dribblebuster dribble bibs

    2. Really interesting, makes me want to design fabric right now!

    3. love these fabrics. thanks for sharing, do you have any other site who are specialize in fabric alphabets letters or number anything like that, please let me know.