CLB ♥ Essie Jain's beautiful lullabies

Album cover art by Iker Spozio

As I sit here tapping, contemplating the arrival of my next baby girl in a couple of weeks time, I am listening to the soothing and soporific tones of NYC-based songwriter, Essie Jain. Jain, whose gentle, folksy voice and elegant piano and guitar melodies, were already a hit amongst grown-ups, realised her talents could be used to soothe babies before bedtime. Until The Light of Morning is her first album of lullabies. Featuring eight truly beautiful lullabies from the deeply moving Lay Down to the sleep-enhancing Tip Toes, it is without doubt my new favourite thing. Finally music that mummy, daddy, toddler and baby-to-be can enjoy together at the end of a hard day. Even the cat likes it. Our lives just got richer.

Listen to samples from her album here  

Until The Light of Morning CD is $12 here or from $0.99 per song on iTunes

Essie Jain shot by Brock Fetch, 2011

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