Scooby Doo – style icons for a four year old

Velma, Fred, Daphne, Scooby and Shaggy

Have you ever thought of the Scooby Doo crew as style icons? My nearly four-year-old has became obsessed with the dress-sense of both Daphne (red hair, head band) and Velma. Come to think of it, with her bowl-cut, think rimmed glasses and orange roll necks, Velma is the ultimate geek girl icon isn't she? Miss E currently alternates between being 'Daphne', complete with surgically attached headband (which she even wears it to bed) and Velma on the days she's in the mood for wearing socks and plastic play-glasses and feeling a little more demure. Apparently, daddy is Shaggy, Stewy the cat is Scooby and baby sis, Little Lola is Scrappy Doo. So there you have it, the American '70s  cartoon lives on and is still setting trends in our corner of north London. Zoiks!


  1. I loved Daphne when I was little! Aurora doesn't have a particular style icon yet - she's more into wearing different shoes on different feet & anything with an animal on it. Not overly sophisticated! xxxx

  2. I like different shoes on different feet. Very fashion forward!