Jeremy Scott for CYBEX

Pram face: Jeremy Scott with one of his designs
Take one fiendish NYC designer with an eye for the garish and throw him together with a kids' buggy brand CYBEX and what do you get? The brilliantly kitsch new range by Jeremy Scott for CYBEX. Not the most expected of collaborations, but Scott, who is known for putting angel wings on Adidas trainers and creating outlandish outfits for Lady Gaga, rose to the challenge. 'I have so many friends who are young mothers and knowing how they struggle to find something that they feel is cool for their babies; it just felt like a natural fit to me, to design something that I could give as a gift to my friends.' Scott used the idea of a food fight to create culinary-inspired characters, including the delightful Sodapop Girl. We love the results – these buggies will certainly stand out among the identikit rows of Bugaboos at the local Stay and Play centre.

Available exclusively from Selfridges from June 1.
Callisto buggy, £500, CYBEX by Jeremy Scott 

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