Encyclopedia of the Exquisite: the perfect mummy book

CLB has been looking forward to the publication of 'Encyclopedia of the Exquisite' by an old acquaintance, Jessica Kerwin Jenkins. I met Jessica over a decade ago on a trip to Brazil. We were both attending Sao Paulo fashion week. I was working for British Vogue and Jessica was working in New York for WWD and W magazine. Jessica has since ditched her glamorous New York life for the wilds of Maine, where she lives with her husband. I have been enjoying her blog in the run up to publication of her first book. With 100 entries on quirky ways to happiness (such as wearing a top hat or luxuriating in a bath of milk) the wittily written 'Encyclopedia of the Exquisite' is testament to Jessica's good taste and love of the whimsical. There's plenty of child-related content too: learn about carousel, origami and cat's cradle. It's the perfect dip-in book for busy mums everywhere. £14.87 at Amazon

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