Les Tricots de Margot: affordable baby cashmere

Heart Intersia dress, £36

Naturally, CLB is an enormous fan of cashmere. Now, thanks to brand new label Les Tricots de Margot, it has just got a little more affordable. Just launched by French friends, London-based Pascaline Kraus and Paris-based Aude Zhang, this beautifully designed baby cashmere line doesn't cost the earth. The pair have made it their mission to provide cashmere at obtainable prices by seeking out producers in Inner Mongolia, keeping the mark-up low and start-up costs down - Pascaline's husband even took pictures for the website. Despite the reasonable prices, the cashmere is ethically produced; Aude visits and monitors the factories personally ensuring the standards are high. The pair insist cashmere is 'no longer reserved for adult luxury brands'. As mummies to young children, both understand style and practicality 'all designs are inspired by babies needs.' We couldn't agree more. CLB especially loves the babygrows, booties and heart dresses - all of the wonderful Christmas gift ideas.

Pom pom cardigan, £55
Leggings, £29

Booties, £21

Heart Intersia dress, £36

Babygrow, £47


  1. This is so cute ! I love this little grey dress...if only I had a girl :) Lovely blog, I'm happy I found you and great 'about me' section. That's funny, my son was son was born in May 09 too and I started my blog around his 1st bday too :) have a nice day xx

  2. Amazing! Love love love cashmere... so soft and perfect for the little ones (and the big ones too. :). And affordable too? Perfect. Thanks CLB!

  3. Great products! One question though - are these 100% cashmere or are they simply cashmere blended garments which are being marketed as cashmere? i have tried searching for Chic Little baby online but have not come across their website.

  4. Hi Alistair,
    Thanks for your comments. Yes, the products are 100 per cent cashmere. The brand is actually called Les Tricots de Margot. You can click on their website here:
    Thank you for reading my blog!
    Best wishes,
    Maggie (Chic Little Baby)X

  5. Hi Maggie,
    Thanks for sending the link and also for clarification on product composition, much appreciated!